Sweflex - About us

Our Agenda

To promote packaging printing and the interest of our members. Work for education and skills development and thereby increase the industry’s competivness.


We must be the first and best to inform our members about the latest in the development of the packaging & printing industry.


To support product development for the packaging industry by developing packaging print and its competitiveness.

Increase the opportunities for competence development in packaging print. Gather all actors in packaging print and its value chain in common forums through annual seminars and other communication channels.


Strive to maintain a high technical standard at Brobygrafiska through close collaboration with the industry

Offer all members to increase cooperation with Brobygrafiska, Karlstad University and other education providers to, together with Sweflex, increase the competence of our member companies.

Support Brobygrafiska’s educations and market them nationally and internationally

Increase the collaboration with Grafiska Företagen and GS to jointly gain a better understanding and knowledge of the industry’s challenges

Increase and contribute to closer cooperation with FTA Europe

Create added value for our members and contribute to more companies wanting to become members of Sweflex


The association is open to companies, schools and institutions as well as people connected to packaging industry. In Sweden, there are about 500 packaging companies with a turnover of around SEK 70 billion / year and together the industry employs approx. 20,000 employees.

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