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What can Sweflex do for you?

Networking opportunity

Explore your next networking opportunity! Visit Sweflex seminary and meet all the members and spaekers. A membership in Sweflex entitles – at no extra cost – two people per member company to attend the annual meeting with a half-day seminar and our full-day seminar, including get- together, lunch, coffee and dinner.



We inform our members about the latest in the development of the packaging & printing industry. Increase the opportunities for competence development in packaging print.



Sweflex is a part of the innovation system in Sweden. We believe, that sharing knowledge and the power of diversity have a positive effect on the competitiveness of organisations and, therefore, foster international ambitions and a well-developed network of contacts throughout the world.
We have a long and solid experience of management through the whole value chain for the packaging industry in both large and small organisations.



• Our member companies always have a Sweflex price for overnight stays at Selma Spa and Ulvsby Herrgård in Sunne as guests of Sweflex.

• Access to offices, workrooms and conference rooms when visiting Brobygrafiska.


Apply for membership here; https://sweflex.se/index.php?membership=31


The association is open to companies, schools and institutions as well as people connected to packaging industry. In Sweden, there are about 500 packaging companies with a turnover of around SEK 70 billion / year and together the industry employs approx. 20,000 employees.

686 33 Sunne


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