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Sweflex scholarships for graduate students at Brobygrafiska
Sweflex awards a scholarship to a graduating student in each program at Brobygrafiska. The scholarship is awarded to a student who has particularly excelled during the training and who have made an extra large development and accommodated the training in an exemplary manner.


Higher Vocational Education (YH), SEK 10,000/line. FD, Packaging design/construction

GFT, Graphic designer/technician 

Gymnasium, SEK 5,000/line: Printing education
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Annually, Sweflex awards scholarships to two students at Brobygrafiska. Encouragement for demonstrated skill and ambition during their studies. The scholarship is SEK 10,000.


The association is open to companies, schools and institutions as well as people connected to packaging industry. In Sweden, there are about 500 packaging companies with a turnover of around SEK 70 billion / year and together the industry employs approx. 20,000 employees.

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