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Sweflex established in 1995, and proudly accumulate knowledge from our about 66 members and partners from the entire packaging value chain, stretching all the way from raw materials to recycling. Our goal is to facilitate innovation and drive long-term sustainable development in the packaging industry. Our unique value comes from connecting industry with academia, public sector, and the school Broby Grafiska.

Sweflex is a neutral, non-profit member organisation, a part of the innovation system in Sweden. We believe, that sharing knowledge and the power of diversity have a positive effect on the competitiveness of organisations and, therefore, foster international ambitions and a well-developed network of contacts throughout the world.

We have a long and solid experience of management through the whole value chain for the packaging industry in both large and small organisations. 

The association is open to companies, schools and institutions as well as people connected to packaging.

industry. In Sweden, there are about 500 packaging companies with a turnover of around SEK 70 billion / year and together the industry employs approx 20,000 employees.

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