Facilitators visits and identify opportunities at the client. Afterwards we present improvement measures that supports the identified opportunities.

The improvement measures make it easy for you to make the right decisions about actions that supports your environmental or profit targets.
Facilitators consults can also help you with the implementation of the measures.

A visit and analysis from Facilitators is free of charge for new members of Sweflex.
If you are not a member contact info@sweflex.com for project proposal and price indication.


We has the possibilities to organize courses and help you develop new competences. Our key areas are; production efficiency, print technology, prepress. We create tailor-made courses for the packaging industry, in close cooperation with the Brobygrafiska and their competence from the industry and Karlstad University.

Research, development & innovation

We has the competence to drive research, developments and innovation projects.The result of this has given les losses in production, new selection of materials, development of new measurement technology and a kreative package design, leading to increased revenue.

Testing & prototyping

We have the possibility to organize all kind of testing of materials and equipment for the printing industry using the latest technology of the facilities in the school of Brobygrafiska.

Brobygrafiska currently has over 8,000 sq.m of modern, customized premises with hightech equipment at its disposal.


Banded roll 

The anilox is available for rent to execute tailor-made tests at Brobygrafiska. The volumes are 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 cm3/m2. In one print moment there are five different choices to decide the volume on the anilox, what is best for the project.
Register system are available for both front- and back print.

Project proposal and price indication, contact info@sweflex.com

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