FTA Europe

Member of FTA Europe

Sweflex - member of FTA Europe

The aims of the European flexo association are:

  • To represent the common interests of the European flexographic industry on a European level.
  • To provide a common platform for European flexographic associations to promote European exchange, collaboration and alignment on the following areas of competence:
    a. Education and vocational training of flexographic operators, users and stakeholders.
    b. Qualification and certification of the flexographic curriculum.
    c. Harmonisation and standardisation of flexographic best practices.
    d. Representation of common interests towards pan European stakeholders.
  • To improve the knowledge of the flexographic process in Europe through events, seminars, training and technical meetings.
  • To cooperate with universities and schools.
  • To publish technical documents.
  • To do research and testing.
  • To exchange information with research and development suppliers.
  • To exchange information within the flexographic community
  • To promote dialogue between converters.

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