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• Education
Sweflex Facilitators AB has the possibilities to organize courses and help you develop new competences. Our key areas are; production efficiency, print technology, prepress. We create tailor-made courses for the packaging industry, in close cooperation with the Brobygrafiska and their competence from the industry and Karlstad University.
• testing of materials and equipment
Sweflex Facilitators AB is the marketing company for Brobygrafiska school and we have the possibility to organize all kind of testing of materials and equipment for the printing industry using the latest technology of the facilities in the school.
Brobygrafiska currently has over 8,000 sq.m of modern, customized premises with hightech equipment at its disposal.
• research, development and innovation projects.
Sweflex Facilitators AB has the competence to drive research, developments and innovation projects as we have representatives from the academic print technology from companies and institutions.The result of this has given les losses in production, new selection of materials, development of new measurement technology and a kreative package design.
• New contacts and connections
Explore your next networking opportunity! Visit Sweflex seminary and meet all the members.
• A free audit for improvement measures by Sweflex Facilitators AB’s board.
• Our member companies always have a Sweflex price for overnight stays at Selma Spa  and Ulvsby Herrgård in Sunne as guests of Sweflex and Sweflex Facilitators AB.
• Access to offices, workrooms and conference rooms when visiting Brobygrafiska. Booking of conference rooms is done via email to:


Sweflex’s membership and service fee is SEK 7,000, of which SEK 500 is a membership fee and the deductible service fee is SEK 6,500.
A membership in Sweflex entitles – at no extra cost – two people per member company to attend the annual meeting with a half-day seminar and our full-day seminar, including get- together, lunch, coffee and dinner.
In previous years, the seminar fee for two people has ended up at approximately SEK 4,000 – 6,000 if you have participated in both seminars, in addition to this was added the membership and service fee.

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