LIA contributions

LIA - Learning at work

Purpose: The LIA grant aims to provide compensation for extra costs that may be associated with internships in packaging companies, graphic companies and other companies in the packaging value chain in locations outside their own place of residence.

The application must apply to students from Swedish educational institutions within Sweflex’s area of activity

A well-motivated application must be received from the student

LIA managers must make a priority list with assessments of the student’s study results

The student must, upon request, present his LIA application at a board meeting

Granted LIA contribution 2019

Lisa Grindbo, YH19GFT,
Nordic design crew, Norge
Albin Brunasso Thorén
IKEA of Sweden, Älmhult
Coops inhouseavdelning i Solna, Stockholm
Isabella Lindblad
, YH18FD,
IKEA of Sweden, Älmhult 
Mattias Ekman, YH18FD,
Stora Enso Jönköping
Karoina Östervald, YH19GFT, Brand
Emma Enblom, YH18GFT, Bedow
Hampus Hägelstam, YH18GFT, Studio Moss
Martina Taengh, YH17FD, Delta Republic Retail Agency2019
Mattias Ekman, YH18FD, Hultafors Group
Martina Taengh, YH17FD, Delta Republic Retail Agency
Josefin Sjölin, YH18VGK, BVD, Sthlm
Linnéa Maja Norrby, GFT17, 
Klintberg Niléhn, Sthlm
Lovisa Björnsdotter, GFT17, 
Nicotext, Sthlm

Scholarships 2019​

Ilona Viarouchyk, Grafisk formgivare/tekniker

Zaida Andersson, Förpackningsdesign

Mikael Vedemar, Prepress – och trycktekniker förpackningsproduktion

Scholarships 2018

Anders Lindberg, Prepress – och trycktekniker förpackningsproduktion

Lina Flodins, Grafisk formgivare/tekniker

George Shouha, Förpackningsdesigner

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