We develop the packaging industry.

Sweflex Facilitators AB represents expertise and development support to the Swedish packaging industry in packaging printing.

We have a long and solid experience of management through the whole value chain for the packaging industry in both large and small organisations. We have been and are continuously running and improving project with companies as well as with institutions.

Sweflex Facilitators AB is the marketing company for Brobygrafiska school and we have the possibility to organize all kind of testing of materials and equipment for the printing industry using the latest technology of the facilities in the school.

Brobygrafiska currently has over 8,000 sq.m of modern, customized premises with hightech equipment at its disposal.

Sweflex Facilitators AB has the competence to drive research, developments and innovation projects as we have representatives from the academic print technology from companies and institutions.The result of this has given les losses in production, new selection of materials, development of new measurement technology and a kreative package design.

Sweflex Facilitators AB has the possibilities to organize courses and help you develop new competences. Our key areas are; production efficiency, print technology, prepress. We create tailor-made courses for the packaging industry, in close cooperation with the Brobygrafiska and their competence from the industry and Karlstad University.

We offer both the network and a meeting place for all companies in the packaging chain. We offer courses, presentations and seminars of actual developments which are of interest for the industry. Sweflex Facilitators AB is also together with Sweflex organizing large seminars in connection with the Sweflex annual meeting which are very appreciated.

Sweflex Facilitators AB Styrelsen

Tommy nilsson

With more than 50 years experience in the packaging industry. As a Design and prepress manager at Åkerlund & Rausing and Tetra Pak international. The last 20 years at Brobygrafiska, teaching and education management.

Sweflex Facilitators AB Styrelsen

Göran Dahl

A management professional with over 40 years international experience in the packaging industry with a passion to develop and nature teams. Have acquired a lot of knowledge in Continuous Improvement Methodology (WCM at Tetra Pak) and have an ambition to continue to develop companies and to to lead projects.

Sweflex Facilitators AB Styrelsen

Leif Backman

Worked mostly in flexographic industry with prepress and printing forms, directed towards the packaging industry. Active in process control, technology and development. Has a background as a graphic artist, supervisor, production manager and CEO.

Ola Högström

40 years in the packaging industry and today consultant with focus on leadership, supply chain and productivity improvements.

Daniel Frykestam

Daniel have founded and run several companies in different industries. In 2002 he acquired Maskinkonsult who later became Bjälverud Yamaha Store. Together with fantastic employees they became one of the largest dealers in Sweden and built a strong brand in the leisure industry. In 2013 he joined Wint AB and as one of the founders they developed a digital accounting app that simplifies everyday life for many Swedish companies. Over the years, Daniel also had the privilege of working with several exciting board assignments in different industries.

Per Jonsson

Experience from leading positions in production, marketing and R & D. Currently working as an adjunct professor in paper technology at Karlstad University. Active in committee work and board work together with Innventia, forest industries, Sweflex, the KK-Foundation, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, the Swedish Energy Agency and VINNOVA.

Jimmy Nyström

+25 years of experience from the graphic & packaging industry in sales and marketing. Global business development and end-user management. IT background, digitalisation and inbound marketing in the SOME arena. Apple, MillerGraphics, EskoGraphics, StorkPrints and currently marketing at BillerudKorsnäs

Peter Aspeheim

An ink doctor, started his ink-career in the late sixties. Started his ink company 1973 to serve the packaging industry with liquid inks. He was involved in R&D, techn.support to the printers. During the years he co-operated with international suppliers and with Sun Chemicals and Scanink OY. Since 2001 he act as an independent ink senior advicer to make the ink market transparent.